About Me

Hi, my name is krunal and i am a web designer and web developer with a passion for anything that has to do with the internet. after study in it enginerring and social media marketingi founded HindiMe-Jankari, offering web development to client as well as launching and maintaining own projects.i have been interested in creating website since very young age and have improved my skill by lots and lots of practice and beside my studies i worked for several compinies and star up yo in deffrent parts of web development. 

My blog post is are divided into showcase post which basically list a serise of useful link for a specific topic, tutorial, demo, script with tutorial, create tutorial for different knowlegde level and for different topics. so there will be tutorial for HTML/CSS, Javscript, JQuery, PHP, MySQL, Wordpress, Hindi Language Tutorial , LiveProjects, Blogger, Logo Design, PhotoShop Layout etc.
for beginner, intermediates, and experts this. i am currentli working on video tutorials which will soon be included on 9lessone site.

So, Please Visit HindiMe-Jankari and my portfolio website at 42hdphoto to find out more about me and my works. and follow me on Twitter, Google+, Facebook.

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